Till they crash

Some seek it, some avoid it. Everyone has it and gives it away to people, media and occupations, consciously and unconsciously: attention. We usually don’t think where we turn our eyes, ears and thoughts. This is particularly useful for those who need the attention of others as a source of energy for their own prosperity. And what do we do? Generously and thoughtlessly we give our attention to those who perform the most striking courtship display.

There is the tall, blonde, blue-eyed German, who is raging against migration in her own country and lives together with a woman with an obvious migration background in Switzerland and strains our tolerance. There is the media-powerful, eloquent Swiss intellectual who incited his people against a wave of refugees on the distant Mediterranean and married a woman who found her way into our country thanks to sea rescue and humane reception. The private and the political remain clearly separated, one has nothing to do with the other, right?


“instincts and emotions are stronger than thoughts”


Now, don’t you think of integrity and values. Nor with the platinum blonde Jack Nicholson type in England, the Brazilian great pyromaniac, the Russian Rambo, the Frenchwoman, who reunites the national and social, our neighbour – dream of all mothers-in-law and many others for whom world politics seem to function like the plot of a telenovela. They all know: instincts and emotions are stronger than thoughts. The less people consciously use their brains, the more they follow empty hocus-pocus. Because thinking is exhausting and people are lazy by nature.

The Romans called this bread and games and thus cemented the power elite. The games take place today on Twitter and TV channels. Divide and ruleMachiavelli already advised it – because conflicts increase tension and thus the entertainment value of the events. They distract from the vital things that are not so easy to solve. Until they crash.

Column by Esther-Mirjam de Boer, CEO of GetDiversity in the «Handelszeitung» of 19 September 2019.

Irony from the story: the foreign advertiser who introduced the black sheep into the Swiss political poster landscape had to defend his family against the bullying of his adopted children with an obvious migration background…. Yes, the spirits you called are striking back… Thanks to the storyteller who offered this pinch of salt yesterday.