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Switzerland receives gender benchmarks for some 200 companies quoted on the stock exchange. Heated discussions are being carried out on the topic of gender benchmarks, under the keyword “quota of women”. It does, however, merely concern a benchmark value, without any consequences if it is not achieved. For us at GetDiversity it is of concern to stick to the facts. This is why we publish current articles and contributions to discussions from the media on this site. Form your own opinion on how gender benchmarks are discussed in Switzerland. We believe in the positive effect of diversity and heterogeneity at all management levels, and in particular in the context of boards of directors and executive boards. GetDiversity has therefore been providing specific solutions, in order to promote diversity in the board rooms in a targeted manner since 2007.

GetDiversity on the gender benchmark

19.6.2019 – “don’t fix the women – fix the system”, Article from Esther de Boer onLinkedin

Definition of gender benchmark

The gender benchmark is a diversity objective that should  be reached as a minimum threshold. It concerns the ratio of the number of men and women on a committee (e.g. a board of directors). This benchmark value is current undergoing parliamentary consultation, as part of the extensive stock corporation law reform.

The gender benchmarks have been accepted in the lower chamber of the swiss parliament, council of cantons and upper chamber of the swiss parliament, and amount to 20% for the executive boards and 30% for boards of directors. The regulation concerns joint stock companies having over 250 employees that are quoted on the stock exchange. In Switzerland, that is approximately 200 companies.

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