Diversity Report Switzerland 2020 – Abstract

How diverse are we in fact? In Switzerland there are – as of July 2020 – 7,605 public limited companies with over 50 employees. For the first time in 2020, GetDiversity is now publishing a complete survey of diversity in the management of all medium and large public limited companies in Switzerland. Why? Because we […]

More courage for diversity

In Switzerland, over a quarter of a million women earn their living as entrepreneurs: as freelancers, as partners in the owner team, as entrepreneurs with employees. They make up 39 percent of all entrepreneurially active people in the country. This impressive proportion of women has grown without specific support and on their own initiative. Many […]

Diversity is a strategic key to success

The new owners and managing directors of GetDiversity GmbH from the 1st of October 2016 are the experienced entrepreneurs Esther-Mirjam de Boer and Carla Jane Kaufmann. The two founders, Dr. Barbara Rigassi and Dr. Michèle Etienne, are thus handing over the staff to two equally competent and committed successors as part of their long-term planning. […]