Diversity Report Switzerland 2020 – Abstract

How diverse are we in fact? In Switzerland there are – as of July 2020 – 7,605 public limited companies with over 50 employees. For the first time in 2020, GetDiversity is now publishing a complete survey of diversity in the management of all medium and large public limited companies in Switzerland. Why? Because we […]

Wanted: undervalued shares

Women as yield killers? I found this headline in a business newsletter. It came along with a picture of a crying blonde. The content was about an Insead study which states that share prices fall as soon as a woman is appointed to the non executive board. Pardon me? She hasn’t done anything for the […]

Diversity made easy

Small changes – big effect. How to easily get diversity. Summary from the scientific study “Leaning In or Not Leaning Out? Opt-Out Choice Framing Attenuates Gender Differences in the Decision to Compete” can be found at: In most companies, promotions require initiative and that candidates prove themselves in the competition among the applicants. However, […]