The bolder, the dumber

A recession is approaching say some powerful fortune tellers in the media. What is to be done? “Buying gold” tells someone who was exorbitantly successful, but limited his toolbox only to the financial sector. Anyone who still believes today that such one-size-fits-all approach can solve future complexities – well, we will see whether it was […]
Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland (CVP)

Built on sand

There’s 350 million at stake. That sounds like a lot of money. The Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland (CVP) wants to reduce the tax burden on families with children with a higher federal tax deduction. This leaves a four-person household with a maximum of an additional 910 francs per year – starting from CHF […]

Till they crash

Some seek it, some avoid it. Everyone has it and gives it away to people, media and occupations, consciously and unconsciously: attention. We usually don’t think where we turn our eyes, ears and thoughts. This is particularly useful for those who need the attention of others as a source of energy for their own prosperity. […]

On catching prey

We’re going fishing. In the mountain lake live two tasty fish species of the same population. We have two baits at our disposal. An experienced fisherman says that with the older bait we will catch one species – the other one doesn’t bite so good. With the new bait both species bite equally well. Your […]

Cherchez la Femme

We don’t know this woman. A recruiter is looking for her to publish a portrait: Mother, reentrant, part-time, worked up, with budget and management responsibility, member of the board of directors, preferably president. Without nanny help and none who owns the company. As an heiress, compatibility is very easy. The woman should work for equal […]

Disruption in the wage system

Don’t we all assume that our salaries correlate with our economic impact and responsibility? Therefore, a boss earns more than a case manager. And this is the logic whereby a university professor is paid more than a kindergarten teacher. She is responsible for the high potentials, he is responsible only for the small children. Obviously.

More courage for diversity

In Switzerland, over a quarter of a million women earn their living as entrepreneurs: as freelancers, as partners in the owner team, as entrepreneurs with employees. They make up 39 percent of all entrepreneurially active people in the country. This impressive proportion of women has grown without specific support and on their own initiative. Many […]

Diving for pearls

I turned 50 in 2018. The second half of life begins and maybe the Midlife Crisis? In any case, I clearly belong to Generation X, the generation that belongs to the digital immigrants and therefore has to cope with this deficit for a maximum of time in working life. An esteemed colleague of similar age […]
Which Switzerland

Which Switzerland should it be?

Let’s do a thought experiment together: Imagine you were a completely different person in Switzerland in another life. How would you like Switzerland to be? Which Switzerland would you like to wake up in – overnight? But beware: you are simply placed in a new situation and don’t know beforehand whether you would be privileged, […]

Talents become self-employed

In Switzerland, there are 51 women entrepreneurs for every 100 women in leadership positions. For every 100 men in management, there are only 40 entrepreneurs. Are you irritated by this surplus of self-employed women? Well, for your peace of mind, 39 out of 100 entrepreneurs are women and 61 are men.