BD-Workshop: ” If more than the return counts”

How does money work? And how are global economies changing? And how does this affect our financial investments – such as pension fund and AHV capital? We dealt with such big questions in the first BD workshop on the 20th of June 2019 at the Globalance Bank in Zurich with its founder and CEO Reto […]

Artificial intelligence is like parenting.

The topic of artificial intelligence is omnipresent and we will occasionally publish articles of a slightly different kind in our BoardNews. What is Artificial Intelligence? Our BoardClub member and AI expert Prof. Dr. Sita Mazumder conveys a picture in this issue.

Charisma with shadow

The first impression is deceptive: if good appearance is mistaken for leadership competence. How we systematically hire and promote the wrong people and thus harm companies: Damage to crops in the culture. A book recommendation for the summer holidays: “why do so many incompetent men become leaders”.