On catching prey

We’re going fishing. In the mountain lake live two tasty fish species of the same population. We have two baits at our disposal. An experienced fisherman says that with the older bait we will catch one species – the other one doesn’t bite so good. With the new bait both species bite equally well. Your […]
The advancement

Stop the advancement of women!

A spectre is looming on the horizon: With the upcoming stock corporation law reform, gender benchmarks for executive boards (at least 80/20) and boards of directors (at least 70/30) will be introduced for listed Swiss companies. The phantom that spreads fear is, among others, the so called “quota woman”. Those responsible are already afraid of the state of emergency of explanation […]

Cherchez la Femme

We don’t know this woman. A recruiter is looking for her to publish a portrait: Mother, reentrant, part-time, worked up, with budget and management responsibility, member of the board of directors, preferably president. Without nanny help and none who owns the company. As an heiress, compatibility is very easy. The woman should work for equal […]