BD-Workshop: ” If more than the return counts”

How does money work? And how are global economies changing? And how does this affect our financial investments – such as pension fund and AHV capital? We dealt with such big questions in the first BD workshop on the 20th of June 2019 at the Globalance Bank in Zurich with its founder and CEO Reto […]

Artificial intelligence is like parenting.

The topic of artificial intelligence is omnipresent and we will occasionally publish articles of a slightly different kind in our BoardNews. What is Artificial Intelligence? Our BoardClub member and AI expert Prof. Dr. Sita Mazumder conveys a picture in this issue.

Charisma with shadow

The first impression is deceptive: if good appearance is mistaken for leadership competence. How we systematically hire and promote the wrong people and thus harm companies: Damage to crops in the culture. A book recommendation for the summer holidays: “why do so many incompetent men become leaders”.

Workshop: If more than the return counts

Remember Thursday, 20 June 2019. As a BoardClub member you will have the unique opportunity to learn all the important facts about responsible and future-oriented investment strategies in compact form from the leading Swiss private bank in the field of sustainable investments. At the GetDiversity and Globalance Bank Zurich workshop, you will also learn what […]

bridging the innovation gap – the factor people in the innovation process

It’s not even spring yet and we already remind you of the cold seasons. But it has to be. Please note it now: Tuesday, 5th November 2019: We are celebrating our 12th anniversary at the Innovation park Dübendorf. With answers to the question: How do diversity and innovative strength relate to each other? With exciting […]

Who are you looking for at all?

Due to the good course of business and the strongly growing demand for consulting and BoardSearch, we have selectively expanded the GetDiversity-team over the past months. If things continue like this, we want to welcome more colleagues to Margrit-Rainer-Strasse in Oerlikon this year. We are often asked: Who are you looking for? If you want […]

New digital spine

Yes, we did it! We replaced our previous recruiting software at the change of the year 2018/2019 and introduced a tailor-made, comprehensive ERP and CRM system. You haven’t noticed anything yet? Even better. You still benefit. Soon we will need your help to make sure that your personal database entry is still correct.

Divine requirements or Buzzword?

#VUCABILITY (from “vuca”: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) = the ability to act constructively and successfully in the face of increasing speed, complexity, contradiction and insecurity of economy and society. Also and especially in a board of directors. Are these “God-like requirements”? Is it a new buzzword? What is behind it? A search for clues.