Diversity is a strategic key to success

The new owners and managing directors of GetDiversity GmbH from the 1st of October 2016 are the experienced entrepreneurs Esther-Mirjam de Boer and Carla Jane Kaufmann. The two founders, Dr. Barbara Rigassi and Dr. Michèle Etienne, are thus handing over the staff to two equally competent and committed successors as part of their long-term planning. The new management team Kaufmann/de Boer implements the next development steps of GetDiversity. By expanding its services to date, the placement agency intends to increasingly support Swiss organizations in bringing effective diversity to their strategic bodies. The new advisory service “Diversity by Design” focuses on the systematic design of search and selection processes that increase results in favour of diversity and quality. www.getdiversity.ch Under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Rigassi and Dr. Michéle Etienne, GetDiversity has expanded more than 100 committees with strategic decision-makers over the past nine years. GetDiversity, with its active network of over 100 women board members in Switzerland, is considered the most successful company for placing women in strategic committees. Now, GetDiversity is reassigning its top management level itself. Future owners and managing directors are the experienced entrepreneurs and board members Esther-Mirjam de Boer (47) and Carla Jane Kaufmann (36). “We want to expand the concept of diversity in a meaningful way and make extensive use of new media. At the same time, we want to continue the vision of the two founders: Strategic committees shape the future. Diversity ensures that this happens comprehensively and sustainably. GetDiversity systematically brings diversity to strategic bodies because it is a strategic success factor for innovation and evolution. In short: mixed teams bring more success.” Dr. Barbara Rigassi and Dr. Michèle Etienne are pleased that their commitment will be continued and expanded by the next generation: “Our goal was to succeed the vision – not just for the company. Esther-Mirjam de Boer and Carla Jane Kaufmann, two successful and committed entrepreneurs, share this vision and will continue to develop GetDiversity with new impulses”. Unlike executive search companies, GetDiversity maintains a personal and active network of over 100 board members who know each other and exchange experiences.

This network includes women with Board experience and strategic skills from all industries and occupational groups.

Amongst others, decision-makers from large companies as well as women entrepreneurs, leading administrative women, leading exponents of associations and interest groups as well as scientists are represented. This breadth is unique in Switzerland and is convincing. In addition to boards of directors of family businesses, satisfied clients include boards of directors of SMEs and large companies, boards of trustees, advisory boards, expert commissions, committees and expert committees. Dr. Barbara Rigassi will continue to be available to the new team for further strategic development, as will the previous advisory board with Valentin Vogt (Chairman of the Swiss Employers’ Association, Chairman of Burckhardt Compression AG and other Board mandates), Monika Ribar (Chairman of the Board of Directors of SBB and other Board mandates) and Dr. h. c. Eva Jaisli (owner and CEO of PB Swiss Tools, Member of the Board of Directors of Berner Kantonalbank and other Board mandates). “I support GetDiversity because I am convinced that we can achieve the diversity goals in Swiss companies even without quotas,” says Valentin Vogt, commenting on his role on the Advisory Board.

All-round package for better-mixed teams

GetDiversity’s existing range of services includes the placement of women and men with strategic skills – “Diversity Search” – as well as the targeted supplementation of suitable female candidates in in-house recruitment – “Diversity in the Second Loop”. The new third focus is a consulting offer entitled “Diversity by Design” and focuses on the design of search and selection processes that systematically increase team diversity as a result of recruiting processes and reduce distortions in decisions. It is known from behavioral research, for example, that personnel decisions are made in favor of more diversity if CVs are assessed gender-neutrally. For the entire GetDiversity offering, the new management team draws on a broad spectrum of skills and experience. The independent strategy consultant Esther-Mirjam de Boer herself is a member of four board committees – once as president, and she has been committed to diversity in entrepreneurship for many years. She is a member of the board of the association geschaeftsfrau.ch as well as of the association Frauenunternehmen, which she has presided over since 2013, and of GetDiversity since 2010. Carla Kaufmann is the main shareholder and member of the board of directors of companymarket AG and has extensive know-how in the field of succession. As co-initiator and managing director of the association geschaeftsfrau.ch, she has been committed to more diversity in company succession since 2013. “Together we want to position GetDiversity as the first address for mixed teams in strategic committees. We are looking forward to this new task,” is the clear definition of the two partners’ goals.