Let go!

73,786 companies must settle their succession, says the current Bisnode study. Over the next five years, 500,000 jobs will be affected by the generational change in the private sector. Small businesses account for the lion’s share of the Swiss SME landscape. They are also the ones who have the greatest difficulty in finding new owners and managers. While larger companies appear on the radar of relevant consultants and banks, small ones are commercially uninteresting. They say. Too much effort, too little profit. One says. From an economic point of view, this is fatal: over 90 percent of the jobs affected are in small companies and the market economy ignores them. Let them look for themselves. That’s just economic Darwinism. 30 percent fail and are liquidated. Fortunately, as in nature, there are also pioneer plants in the economy that can grow on inhospitable soil. Small consultancy boutiques, new financing methods, digitalised solutions and creative entrepreneurial models that use their ideas to give small entrepreneurs access to the confusing succession market. And somehow it also fits better when small agile succession consultants take care of these companies.

The most recent and most creative example is the “Nachfolgebus.ch”, which took freelance experts to various Swiss cities in 2018 with their solutions for clever succession solutions and facilitated the first personal contacts for entrepreneurs.

Letting go has a lot to do with trust. This grows with the relationship to a successor if good solutions are found together. Owning a company, running it, having existential responsibility for paying wages to employees, making a social contribution in the form of added value and jobs can form an essential part of an entrepreneur’s identity. The way of life and the company are more closely linked. Around mid/late 50, the task of solving these close connections and creating space between the self and the company is approaching – space for something new and space for other people who will share in the responsibility and possessions they are trusted to do well. Space for successors – also for the little ones.