bridging the innovation gap – the factor people in the innovation process

It’s not even spring yet and we already remind you of the cold seasons. But it has to be. Please note it now: Tuesday, 5th November 2019: We are celebrating our 12th anniversary at the Innovation park Dübendorf. With answers to the question: How do diversity and innovative strength relate to each other? With exciting personalities such as government councillor Carmen Walker Späh and Prof. Dr. Daniel Huber, author of the book “Bridging The Innovation Gap”. In 2019, the business cycle research centre KOF at ETH Zurich will collect data on gender diversity in companies for the first time in order to investigate the question of how diversity and innovative strength are linked. Thousands of companies are surveyed. We are very excited about the first results. Behavioural research has long proved that there is a causal relationship between diversity, creativity and the innovative ability of teams. This suggests that diversity makes a board of directors both more successful and more innovative.

Exciting questions, exciting personalities

We will explore this exciting question on the 5th of November 2019 and provide a platform for people who are interested in innovation research and human behaviour for professional reasons:

  • Government Councillor Carmen Walker Späh, Director of Economic Affairs
  • Dr. Daniel Huber, author of the book “bridging the innovation gap – the blueprint of the innovative company”.
  • Gerhard Fehr, Behavioral Designer and CEO FehrAdvice & Partners AG
  • Board members from our BoardClub who report from their practical experience

As a BoardClub member you are welcome to bring a board member as a guest. We have reserved a special contingent for you. Please register your guest as early as possible.