Which Switzerland should it be?

Let’s do a thought experiment together: Imagine you were a completely different person in Switzerland in another life. How would you like Switzerland to be? Which Switzerland would you like to wake up in – overnight? But beware: you are simply placed in a new situation and don’t know beforehand whether you would be privileged, intelligent and successful, or whether you have fled from abroad. Nor would you know whether you would be thrown into this other life as a woman or a man, whether as a child or a pensioner, with or without a job. Any of the more than 8 million living circumstances could be your new destiny. Which Switzerland would you wish for under these conditions? How important would equal opportunities be to you, regardless of origin, conviction and gender, if you considered that you could wake up as an unemployed person, immigrant, woman or with Buddhist faith? What does it mean for you to be able to cooperate with Europe and the world throughout when you suddenly find yourself as an entrepreneur, have to recruit specialists globally and sell your products all over the world? Which tax system would you choose if, as a female family partner, you wanted to contribute to earned income and economic welfare and are therefore dependent on childcare outside the family? Do you really have so much imagination that you can seriously imagine? Yes? Very good!

The preamble to our Federal Constitution concludes: “…and that the strength of the nation is measured by the well-being of the weak”.

There is nothing about the Swiss passport. The nation is all those who live in this country – we must not allow ourselves to be restricted by minorities in the definition of the term. We are a geographical community of destiny. Which Switzerland would you like to see in it? Avenir Suisse has dared to outline six scenarios in the “White Paper on Switzerland” where the journey could take us. Each of the six scenarios has attractions and dark consequences. You are cordially invited to join in the lively debates and arguments. But please remember, before you make up your mind, that the next morning you could wake up completely transformed in another life.