Who are you looking for at all?

Due to the good course of business and the strongly growing demand for consulting and BoardSearch, we have selectively expanded the GetDiversity-team over the past months. If things continue like this, we want to welcome more colleagues to Margrit-Rainer-Strasse in Oerlikon this year. We are often asked: Who are you looking for? If you want to know the answer to this question and who the new faces belong to, read on. It’s not easy to say who we’re looking for. Sure, expertise is important to us. And also the personality and the ability to deal with complexity and contradiction in a strategically constructive and target-oriented way. Skills that are concentrated in the catchword “#VUCABILITY”. We seek these skills primarily from the members of the Board of Directors whom we provide. And we appreciate it when our employees also bring a bit of it with them. Like Maarit Seppä, Fabian Staub, Gabriel Voirol and Raphael Widmer, who are new to Margrit Rainer-Strasse or working here again.

Finnish humour

Characteristic of Maarit Seppä is her dry Finnish humour and her cheerful pragmatic way of doing everything to make our business buzz. Maarit took over for Andrea Kurath in mid-January 2019, who took a longer break. In a very short time she has integrated so well that we will be looking over the next few months at what a long-term cooperation will look like. As a social scientist with experience in IT and market research, she fits perfectly into GetDiversity. It’s exactly these skills that expand our repertoire. By the way, Maarit Seppä and Esther-Mirjam de Boer have known each other for a long time: they worked in the same team at Swissair/Sabena in Brussels – a long time ago. It was a fateful coincidence that Esther and Maarit crossed paths shortly after Andrea Kurath’s retirement.

“Then I take him immediately!

Fabian Staub for his part knows Carla Kaufmann from the past. He worked for two years as a working student in her company companymarket.ch. Esther-Mirjam de Boer already said at that time: “If Fabian is looking for something and I have a job, then I’ll take him immediately”. No sooner said than done – albeit with a delay. First, the lawyer, who specializes in international law, made a detour to Ottawa as a research assistant at the Swiss Embassy in Canada. At the beginning of January 2019, the wish came true. Fabian joined GetDiversity as a consultant. His sunny, always positive and supportive nature as well as his constructive thinking ahead will give us a lot of pleasure. In addition, he is working with two founding partners in a start-up – a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen – on a legal tech development.

Listening to music

Gabriel Voirol had first applied for a job advertisement at companymarket.ch, who were looking for a computer scientist and “techie” for their fully digitalised brokerage platform for the purchase and sale of Swiss SMEs. The fact that he works as a professional musician alongside IT has drawn our attention – we like people who do more than one thing passionately. Gabriel will start programming a web application for GetDiversity in March 2019, which we will launch in autumn. As always with us, it’s all about diversity, that much can be revealed. Be curious!


Raphael Widmer is a well-known face at GetDiversity and never really left. Also during his exchange semester in International Management in Thailand he supported us from his remote home office with research and organization work. He has been back in Switzerland since 28 January and continues to operate as Program Manager BoardMentoring. In addition, he is responsible for the regular dispatch of our BoardMails. An article by Esther-Mirjam de Boer, CEO GetDiversity GmbH

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